Hichem Mechichi, Tunisian PM, reveals a change in the new government structure

A short while ago, Hichem Mechichi, PM of Tunisia, announced, following a media point, the new cabinet reshuffle in this nominal list of:

Minister of Interior: Walid Dhahbi

Minister of Justice: Youssef Zouaghi

Minister of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises: Ridha Ben Mosbah

Minister of State Property and Real Estate Affairs: Abdellatif Missaoui

Minister of Energy and Mines: Sofiane Ben Tounes

Minister of Local Affairs and Environment: Chiheb Ben Ahmed

Minister of Vocational Training and Employment: Youssef Fennira

Minister of Youth and Sports: Zakaria Belkhodja

Minister of Agriculture, Fishing and Water Resources: Oussama Kheriji

Minister of Culture: Youssef Ben Brahim

Minister of Public Health: Hedi Khairi

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