Russia includes 500 US citizens on the entry ban list in response to Washington’s foreign sanctions

Today, Friday, the Foreign Ministry of Russia announced the inclusion of 500 Americans in the country’s ban list. Including former US President Barack Obama, in response to US sanctions against Moscow.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement:

“In response to the sanctions that the Joe Biden administration regularly imposes against Russia. Which, according to Washington’s plan, are aimed at causing maximum harm to Russia, affecting officials and citizens of our country. And as a response measure, it was decided to ban 500 Americans from entering the territory of the Russian Federation.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that Moscow’s sanctions list included not only “important personalities, including former US President Barack Obama”. But also current presidents at various levels of the executive authority, and former officials.

In addition to “the heads of companies of the military-industrial complex, who supply the regime.” Kiev with weapons.

The Russian sanctions also included former US ambassadors to Russia John Tefft and John Huntsman, Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall. And his deputy Gina Jones, Secretary of the Navy Carlos del Toro, General David Stewart, and First Deputy Head of the Media Office in the White House Olivia Dalton. And the list also included Broadcasters, presenters, and clown actors, including James Kimble and West Myers.

The statement also indicated that “Washington should know that any hostile action towards Russia will not pass without strict restrictions.”

This brings the total number of US citizens included in the list of prohibited entry, to Russian territory to 1366 citizens.


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