Tunisia Today: In light of governmental marginalization, protests continue between demonstrators and the police…

This morning of Saturday, January 23, 2021. Tunisia has witnessed riots and an exchange of violence with the police, on Habib Bourguiba Street in downtown Tunis. Following a peaceful demonstration, according to participants.

The Right to Demonstrate is a Duty“, “No fear! No terrorize! The street belongs to the People“. etc and other slogans, shouted by those who were present. their demands were about the liberty of those who were arrested.

The recent movement witnessed at night in the inner neighborhoods of the capital Tunis, and some other states, during the 4-day quarantine decision.

The politicians considered what happened as illegal and unpeaceful demonstrations. Which the police arrested more than 250 demonstrators.

The reasons for these movements are due to the increase in unemployment and marginalization, the increase in poverty, and even crimes.

About which psychologists and sociologists have commented that the causes are the ones previously mentioned.

Political analysts also seeing that the real reasons revolve around the country’s economic situation, especially after 10 years of the Tunisian revolution.

Have all been passed without significant results for Tunisia. In addition to the resonant government rhetoric, that did not produce actual results for reform and change.

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