Children’s Rights: That’s Why They Must Work…

Many children around the world are under the pressure of working at a very young age, which starts at five in many cases.

Because they have to face the harsh circumstances of their families, and that’s what we call child labour.

Is there an attempt to prevent their obligation to work?

When we are talking about our childhood, we often relate that to a beautiful world full of happiness and comfort. It seems like magic, nevertheless, there are millions of children who are suffering worldwide simply because they have to work.

Nowadays, millions of children all over the world, are working mostly at harsh jobs. They undergo a lot of physical pressure that affects their health.

While kids are living in miserable conditions because of poverty and hunger, their parents most of the time oblige them to work in an attempt.

To overcome their difficult financial situation, and their children must do because they don’t have a choice.

As if it is their fate to work at an early age instead of spending their childhood doing what a “normal” child does, so that.

Children’s rights are there ones…?

Children's Rights

It is obviously abnormal what these children are living, and being exposed to. Moreover, it is opposite to worldwide children’s rights, childhood charts, and international amendments. It is simply illegal and certainly unhuman.

Actually, many families because of need are obligated to send their children to work for many hours. Especially in countries that are suffering from economic problems, but rich in natural resources.

Hence, many children within these countries, are working in the field of raw materials. Within dangerous conditions in order to extract these materials. And we are witnessing this, especially, in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Poverty within these regions led many children to leave their schools. In an attempt to help increase the income of their families.

The need for money made millions of children all over the world workers side by side to their parents. Despite their young age and little physical structure. Which caused health problems, an imbalanced mentality, and illiteracy.

Child labour, this lesion causes huge problems in today’s world. It deprives children of living a normal childhood, and enjoy their simple rights. It is a crime not just towards the children but towards humanity as all.

So that living within such conditions and hard situations, would not guarantee in the future in best cases a balanced adult.

Fighting against poverty for children rights at an early age, not to work:

Obviously, a child needs to play to grow properly, children who undergo child labour didn’t play.

On the contrary, they spent hours of their childhood-a day- working. And carrying heavy materials to come home at the end of the day, exhausted with no doubt that in most cases children are separated from their families.

Today, child labor causes deprivation of children of their schools, good physical and mental health, and the joy of playing. It is a crime that opposites children’s rights widely.

It can be concluded that child labor is often caused by poverty, many children all over the world are working instead of attending schools.

They do not know what does it mean to enjoy their time while playing. Practice a hobby, or having a good childhood, they are obligated to work.

Maybe their parents do not really want that for them, but still, according to them. It is the only choice they have to help overcome their financial difficulties.

However, I believe that this must not be the case, children wherever they are, have the right to enjoy their childhood despite poverty.

They still have the right to grow properly, and that actually needs a huge effort. To work on raising awareness towards the danger of working at a young age.

How NGOs can do caring about Children’s needs?

To aware parents of the disadvantages of child labour, and to try to find alternative solutions. And here comes the role of charity and NGO’s widely.

Certainly, working must not be a must for children. Especially that we are living in a world that cares about children’s rights, and strives to protect them.

So that as we all know the importance of raising awareness to face such an issue. Accordingly, many worldwide NGOs, associations, foundations, and international communities are working on fixing the situation of these children.

They play such a role in providing them with good education and a better way of living in order to feel secure and grow in comfort.

Thus, we need to raise awareness towards the impacts of child labor; campaigns, organizations, and volunteers everywhere can do something for these children. In an attempt to protect their rights and change their future.

However their circumstances are, they deserve to be treated as children.

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