Syrian Refugees: escaping from a difficult situation to meet new challenges

SYRIAN REFUGEES: 10 years since the crisis, Syrians are still searching for stability. Fleeing their home country to seek safety, Syrians have witnessed a lot during years now.

Since 2011 events, a lot has happened in the MENA region and many things have changed, authorities fell and others rose, interior circumstances became harder and others became better. But definitely, the situation in some Arab countries became catastrophic and clearly Syria is one of these countries.

The crisis has started in 2011:

The Arab spring revolutions

With the outbreak of the revolutions in the Arab region, many countries took the revolutionary road in an attempt to get rid of restrictions whether politically, economically, or even socially.

Following the path after Tunisia protests against the regime took place in different countries as Libya, Egypt, and Yemen where the system fell.

The same process continued within Syria and the protests against the regime took place, nevertheless, the system didn’t fall; from then it was the crisis.

The outbreak of the civil war and many Syrians left the country:

During the last decade, instability within Syria is still growing year after year. Considering political divisions which brought inner conflicts between citizens with different political belongs.

All of these conditions ended with the lack of security, within many cities and the outbreak of civil war within the country. Which led millions of Syrians to leave the country with millions internally displaced. Obviously, leaving their home country, Syrians were escaping to seek the unknown.

Thinking only of finding a more secure place to live in, a shelter would be a wonderful solution. So that, they can eat and drink water, sleep well, and mostly not being afraid.

Hence, asylum within many countries all over the world is the best solution for them to feel secure. Accordingly, millions of Syrians today are living within refugee camps. And the majority are settled in neighboring countries as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

Living in camps:

  • Syrian Refugees

Actually, the conditions within refugee camps are not that paradise, the lifestyle is so simple and ordinary. There are no living luxuries out there only the basics of living are provided.

Syrian refugees left a whole life behind them as they were forced to leave their country. Many of them used to live in much better conditions in their houses, having their cars and own business.

However living the new life of a refugee, their life is not yet the old one; joblessness, hard health conditions, and access to food and drinkable water. Despite these supplies are provided within camps, difficulties are still present.

The situation is not as outside the camp for sure, accordingly, the circumstances within refugee camps, became even harder with the coronavirus. So that the financial situation, became catastrophic for every refugee.

Besides, Syrian refugees left their country seeking safety; but they still can meet many challenges. As any country that welcomes refugees already has its own internal issues.

That she (the country) is trying to deal with, so that, welcoming new inhabitants would be overload responsibility to take. And that what we witness with the complaints of neighboring countries about the increasing number of Syrian refugees, especially with the limited capacities of the authorities and limited surface sometimes.

Camps are still more secure:

Actually, considering all of these challenges we can still witness many refugees, are living a decent life within camps. So that, in many situations the problems that refugees face.

It may be quickly fixed as humanity is above all, and the Syrian refugees are still enjoying their very modest shelter.

Furthermore, the majority of refugees are children and women, who are struggling to adapt to their new life and their new place. Whereat least they can live without fearing the sound of weapons, or a sudden bomb which would destroy their house.

Reaching to Europe:

Additionally, many Syrian refugees are living in houses and in better conditions than that of the camps, and this is happening in countries as Turkey, Sweden, and Germany. But getting there was not easy for them at all, actually, thousands of Syrians died before reaching their destination.

Syrian Refugees

Escaping to Europe was approximately an impossible mission for Syrians, but something that they have to achieve. For them, there is no choice, they have to get there at any price even if they have to sacrifice their life for that. It is a scarifying to escape the feeling of insecurity.

Traveling to Europe was not provided in an ordinary way, it was not easily available, there is no plane or organized travel. However, by getting into little boats many Syrians were trying to reach Europe.

In addition to that, after reaching Europe, thousands of Syrians facing some obstacles and refusal. Sometimes they’re crossing Europe walking while trying to get from a European country to another.

Noting that many international humanitarian organizations as UNICEF. Were relaying the situation and volunteers were supplying the walking refugees, with water and food while crossing the European frontiers.

Finding other difficulties:

European countries have welcomed a lot of many Syrians since the beginning of the events. Many Syrians succeeded in crossing the frontiers and reached Europe.

However, while getting there they found a different kind of boundaries, actually, cultural boundaries; lifestyle, ideologies, mentality, and traditions.

Absolutely they are not the same as in Syria, it is a whole new world for Syrians since refugees not leaving his/her own country to have a new job or to receive a high degree.

So that they can find all the possibilities and opportunities, them to facilitate and to help them to discover the new culture, and to enjoy learning a new language.

Adapting to the new life:

On the contrary, being a refugee is absolutely another kind of travel with all the pressure. The refuge has and the difficult mental and physical situation, a refugee is in.

Jad Qatta, 15, holds the “Welcome to Canada” sign his family’s sponsors brought to Pearson Airport when they arrived on Dec. 16 2016. The sign now hangs framed in their Etobicoke home. IMAGE: ELLEN SAMEK/TORONTO OBSERVER

Has to learn the new language, adjust to the new culture, and be an efficient part of his new life and work hard to improve it. Especially with the case of kids, they literally suffer in such conditions as they may be bullied in most cases.

Because of their difference and for sure they have to study hard to support their struggling family in a way. All of these conditions, represent a heavy burden for them and would affect their whole childhood and teenage phase later on.

Families separated due to difficulties:

Moreover, Syrian families were separated, because for many reasons. So that not all the members of one family reached the same country, they were separated in a way or another.

Some of them found difficulties in reaching a specific country, others stayed in neighboring Arab countries. And others simply chose not to leave Syria, and they are mostly old people.

Actually, Syrian refugees were obligated to leave their country; and are still obligated to undergo the different conditions. It was not a choice to flee the country, and they have to adapt to the new life they have now.

Ten years now, millions of Syrians are living in abroad countries, many of them faced a lot of challenges to reach their new destination, and to adjust to the new culture and way of life. And others are still till today facing new challenges every day.

Obviously, leaving their country in the last decade was not their choice, they were obligated.

Despite the suffering, Syrians still have the power:

Nevertheless, being spread all over the world, the Syrians create another kind of power widely; actually the power of the people. Today we can find Syrian citizens in our entourage, we can find them in our neighbors, friends, colleagues, and families.

So that they showed a great capacity of integration and adjusting with a whole new society. And especially they were strong enough to overcome their issues, find a new life, get a job, enter abroad schools and build multi-culture friendships.

Being patient for ten years now, Syrians have shown an amazing image of optimism, and hope for a better future for themselves and to Syria.

Hence they are keeping working, growing, and glowing at many domains to reflect a good image about their country. While the country is suffering they are working hard to come back one day stronger.

And in the meanwhile, they have Syria in their hearts, wherever they are as they left the houses but not the land.

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