April 15, 2021

Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar | Editor-in-chief


Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar is a Tunisian freelance journalist, blogger, founder, and editor-in-chief at the online magazine MABAPOST.TN.

He received his diploma of “Workshop training in Citizen Journalism” in 2014 from BBC Media Action.

Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar
Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar

Mohamed Ali previously obtained a diploma in television and radio broadcasting in 2007.

Through his first training in the audiovisual field at that time. He made his passion for this field grow from time to time.

In 2008, he began his first writing and correspondence at a young age. This was for the Lebanese online news outlet “Jaridatak.com”. That was talking about the Middle East and African affairs.

Mohamed Ali began filming some of the events that he was not used to before, using poor-quality mobile technology.

But the love for journalism grew with him little by little …

The EIC’s writings were developed in 2018 during the Russia World Cup 2018, at the beIN Sports media network in the sports field is one of his interests.

And this, through the “Your Zone” section via the official website. Where he published articles on the championship competition.

In addition to this, Ben Ammar has contributed with his general views on “Al Jazeera Blogs” and different other online publications in the Arabic language.

February 2020, nominated for the elections of the Wikimedia bureau in Tunisia.

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