Jerusalem: The City  of  Peace

Jerusalem: The City of Peace

Transferring Palestinians off their houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood:

Jerusalem – In mid-April 2021, calamities against the city of Jerusalem have ignited the anger of the Palestinian cause supporters around the world. With the attempt of Israeli security forces to transfer Palestinians, off their houses in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

Sheikh Jarrah
Welcome to Sheikh Jarrah Welcome to Sheikh Jarrah Steadfast neighborhood

Actually, the cause of Palestine is not just an issue of this specific period or this year, it is a long-time issue. Still, every new attack against Palestinians represents a wake-up call to every supporter of Palestine. Anywhere in the world, and for sure another resistance for Palestinians.

Sheikh Jarrah is a Palestinian neighbourhood that is located in east Jerusalem, the region which was seized by the Zionist state in 1967. Along with the west bank and Gaza strip, which are known as OPT or occupied Palestinian territories.

Since the occupation of these territories, the Israeli forces have stated it’s owning to these lands. So that the right to transfer the Palestinian inhabitants and to force them to leave their houses.

Despite the United Nations, the International justice court, and the international law. Which is based on security and consists of peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jerusalem – the transfer of Palestinians:

The Israeli occupation forces have started the transfer of the Palestinians off their houses since 1967 in the east Jerusalem region. And talking specifically here about the transfer within the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

However, recently the situation became worst with the Israeli security forces, received an order in mid-April 2021 to evict Palestinian families.

Relying on the Israeli supreme court recent order, though the international law is against these violent acts which make these calamities clearly illegal.

However, recently the situation became worst with the Israeli security forces. Received order in mid-April 2021 to evict Palestinian families.

Relying on the Israeli supreme court’s recent order, though the international law. Is against these violent acts which make these calamities clearly illegal.

What is happening in Palestine for decades is unhuman:

The land of Palestine is the property of the people of the land. So that, rationally, humanely, and legally what is happening in Palestine is totally illegal, inhuman, and has no justification.

Palestine is the one land of Palestinians, and should always be the land of the people with their different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Living together peacefully within one land, without pretending the right to seize the lands within the country by force.

Actually, the occupation which has started with the establishment of a Zionist state in 1948. An attempt to have two states within one country is totally irrational, illegal, and inhuman.

Palestinians since 1948
Palestinian refugees stream from Palestine on the road to Lebanon after they were forced out of their homes, November 4, 1948. (AP Photo/Jim Pringle)

Especially, when we are talking about pretending the owning something, which is owned by its people, and here we are not talking about a nation. In which people with their different backgrounds should live in peace together.

However, what is happening for decades within Palestine, is contrasted to international human rights, and this actually has had started even before 1948. With the declaration of the right to own the land of the people, with the Belfour Declaration in 1917.

The displacement of Palestinians has started in 1948:

Eventually, the injustice and unhuman calamities within Palestine have started for years now; actually, history is witnessing the displacement of Palestinians since Al Naqba in 1948. As they were forced to transfer their houses to Haifa until the last attempts.

To transfer their houses in 2021 from Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood following the policy of widening. These acts obliged Palestinians to be refugees within their country.

Victorious Jerusalem:

Considering the end of recent calamities with the victory of Jerusalem, accordingly, the recent violent acts against Palestinians were viral on social media.

Actually what happened in Palestine during these recent months, gained the support of thousands of people around the world thanks to social media.

Considering here the hashtag “#SaveSheikhJarrah” which became a trend widely. and helped in a way to raise more awareness towards the Palestinian cause.

Which made the image clearer and the vision of the world towards Palestinians more human, apart from any interference to dimness what is really happening in Palestine.

Steadfast Palestinians:

people holding flags
Photo by Mehrad Vosoughi / Pixels

Actually, what the Zionist state is doing within Palestine is against International law, humanity and logic; to affirm the owning of land that is inhabitant by its people. To seize lands within a country and to kill innocent kids is totally unfair.

Noting that recent calamities gained the world attention, another positive step towards achieving victory is fulfilled within Palestine. Especially with the ceasefire and peace is spreading back across the region of East Jerusalem.

Day after day and that is mainly because of the people of Palestine, who are always steadfast against the violent acts of the occupation forces.

All that they want and deserve, is to enjoy having their own land. Without being forced to share it or to leave the houses that they built for years.

They own the land, the houses, the memories, the childhood within all neighbourhoods across whole Palestine. It is their right not to share their land by force and not to be forced to leave it.

To witness fair and to live in peace, so that Palestinians are always showing to the world, that they are people of peace, they love life and they know very well how to enjoy it.

Despite any kind of unfairness or injustice, they have never gotten used to war, they are just facing injustice for decades now and are always having hope for a better future. To live in peace in the land of peace.

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